Family Owned

Dear Friends:

After sixty-nine years and three generations in the motorcoach business, we reflect on the areas of the company which are responsible for its success. Here at Peoria Charter Coach Company, we consider each employee a "member" of the Winkler family. The drivers are responsible for the safety of our passengers and are our personal representatives of the entire company. The mechanics ensure solid, dependable performance from each of our motorcoaches and various other equipment. The cleaning staff produces immaculate coaches from top to bottom, working many hours of the day and night. The dispatcher keeps track of each coach and the drivers' assignments. The safety director continually trains drivers and tracks all aspects regarding safety. The office staff reserve coaches and record every minute detail from the start of a trip throughout each day until the coach returns empty. Other staff members develop creative travel ideas, make all necessary arrangements for group travel and at times step on board to conduct a tour. Escorts inform, entertain and serve the passengers, as well as handling all the details of each tour. As you can tell, the many people of Peoria Charter Coach Company are responsible for its success. Last but not least, you, our customers, keep the wheels rollin' for this company. We would like to personally thank you and wish you all good health and happy travels in the year ahead.


The Winkler Family
Family Owned - Winkler Family